Art al Quadrat

“83331-83332 I”, 2012, lenticular print, 90 x 60 cm

Photo exhibition at Velan Center of Contemporary Art, Torino, Italy

Video Dia Loghi 2012

The work by Art al Quadrat is based on things that surround them: family, memories, the troubles of their own cities, of people they know and parents, the anxiety and the countries they lived in. Their art is a reflection of the daily-life, they indeed succed in highlighting the little and invisible things that usually are unperceived by our senses. These artists are marking their territory in the world or art where it is conceived as the assertion of one’s own essence. They claim and use their own bodies as the main instrument of expression by means of matters like thread, wool, paper and canvas of different colours and textures. And from this individual perspective they reach a global one, searching for a vision, a sensation of effort and force mixed together making a new, unique and intimate work of art. So, they use mainly the visual impact with videos enriched by texts and photography. This is, without any doubt, a co-working whose main and joint goal is art.