Assenzio Caceci

BVU, 25′, 1992

Marco Ursino

Vilim Darko Micovillovich

Ivano Tivioli

Enzo Morreale

Marco Ursino
Ivana Pontini
Victor Donghia
Goran Willy Micovillovich
Adriana Perrini
Raffaele Fiorentini

Production and Distribution
Willy Darko Producer

The “Re dei campanari” (King of the Ding-Dongs), in underworld slang, is a person who, when he breaks a window to steal a car stereo, awkwardly sets off the burglar alarm, “la campana”. Besides being King of the Ding-Dongs, Assenzio Caceci is the king of the “un-figged”, i.e. the screwed, because, thanks to the loving care of his lawyer, he not only gets an exageratedly long jail term for stealing a stereo but when he returns home after 18 years in prison he also finds that he has an eight-year-old son. Conspiring with his legitimate daughter, Assenzio plots to punish the guilty.

Statement of the author Willy Darko