Denise Braun

“Shipwreck I”, 1999, photo with analog camera, digital post-processing, 30 x 46 cm

Photo exhibition at Gallery, Torino, Italy

Video Dia Loghi 2014

Denise Braun’s photo works are regarded as sculptures. In the 4-pieces photo series Shipwreck (1999), she creates the plastic character of the object found, to produce a sculpture via photography. She uses a corroded metal as a metaphor for a Time that heavily impacted the sturdy material and therefore concealed it.
The ancient machine-manufactured piece, the remnant of a civilization’s accomplishment, now appears anonymously, diverted from its intended use. Such remainders of society can be found consistently across her works, marks of a treatment and forgetful process. She concentrates on fine-tuning of these special aesthetic qualities.

Zuzana Križalkovičová