Dieu n’exist pas

Betacam, 10′, 1993

Screenplay and Photography
Vilim Darko Micovillovich

H. Purcell Klaus Nomi

Antonin Artaud

Editing and Direction
Vilim Darko Micovillovich

Sabrina Marsili

Production and Distribution
DARKO’S STOREdarkostore@libero.it

The images of the short film which, for his “character”, is conceptual structure, turn it into an artist’s video; the images were filmed live as video documentation of a play lasting 60 minutes with recitation and other video projections.
Reviewing the video documentation, I immediately realized the power that would have had this performance “isolating” from the rest of the play; the visual impact on the television screen was totally different from the play: “Dieu n’esiste pas” by its nature becomes an artist’s video.
As it is usual in the style that accompanies my work, some of the video images, for example projections in black and white on the big screen, were filmed years before in an attic near the residence of Sabrina, images shot for game to know each other since that time it was our first meeting.
This film is also a complaint on human craziness in his beliefs and in his actions.

Statement of the author Willy Darko