The beginning of the end

U-Matic, 8’10”, 1988

Screenplay and Photography
Vilim Darko Micovillovich

Fabrizio Salce

The Strangler

Bruno Maffi

Stefania Salut
Marisa Di Bartolo

Production and Distribution
Willy Darko Producer & Elivideo

Life in its various shades. Old mystical and religious beliefs or even newly-approved science lead us in front of real puzzles whose answers are still far from our reality. These questions are present in life from start to finish … parallel lives, reincarnation, will be imposed on us by supreme minds or just a vicious game of our mind?
“With this work I wanted to immerse myself in a game of images, lights, colors, shadows and glooms. However, it is not everything unhooked the content of the film, a brief history of puzzles unresolved, suspended transfiguration, the atmospheres that allude to other stories”

Statement of the author Willy Darko